Christopher Neff

Christopher Neff – Global Head of Emerging Experience & New Technology at Anomaly

Throughout his career, Christopher Neff has been able to sit at the forefront of new modes and systems for delivering branded content and storytelling. Recently he joined forces with powerhouse Anomaly, as their Global Head of Emerging Experience and Technology. 

In this new role, Neff will accelerate Anomaly’s innovation offering with an eye toward continuing to move the agency and their clients deeper into Web3. Prior, he served as VP, Creative Technology and Innovation at cross-cultural creative agency the community, where he used methods and technology to materialize products and ideas at the intersection of science and creativity. 

Throughout his career he has received over 100 industry awards from Cannes Lions, The Webby Awards, D&AD, The FWA, The One Show, Clio Awards, The Shorty Awards, CSS Design Awards, and Awwwards. Most recently, he served as co-creative lead on Samsung 83X, the Metaverse property launched in Decentraland this year. 

His expertise and experience directly applies to Anomaly’s clients and the future of the business. They have been innovating in Web3 for over two years. This move toward emerging platforms and experiences plays a critical role in the agency’s ongoing commitment to disrupt the norm. 

Beyond Anomaly, he also sits on The Ad Council’s UX committee, serve as a founding member of Web3 collective Pesky Union working on their first NFT project called Mole Patrol, and has previously worked with AdFellows as an agency mentor to push DE&I within innovation and creativity. He holds the position of marketing advisor for Million Marker, a Y-Combinator startup centered on biological testing of plastic exposure and other contaminants in humans. 

Neff fits the ethos of Anomaly because it sits on the bleeding edge of where brands meet new methods, technologies, and experiences. This philosophy aligns with how he approaches his work and the fusion will push the agency into new and expanding areas of growth through storytelling and shaping narratives using Web3 technologies, Metaverse worlds, and new realities.

PRESENTATION TITLE: The Wide World of Web3: A Run at the Future

SYNOPSIS: The evolution of the internet is pushing past Web 2.0 into a new frontier that blends experience, creativity, and economics like never before. The result is a community centric, open forum of technology built upon cryptographic transactions. It is as intriguing as it is scary and as nascent as it is spectacular. There are many nuances to consider as brands forge a path forward but there are some truths that we have seen permeate the noise. Together let’s explore the way traditional brands are leaving their comfort zones and boldly leaping into the wide world of Web3, unpacking some key learnings, and looking at the opportunities that await.