When SEPT. 19 & 20, 2019 Workshops & Full-Day Conference Where Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa Grand Cayman

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The Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals Association's 6th annual conference is back, and this year we’re getting personal! Did you ever make your own summer mix tape? Or have a personal collection of baseball cards or comic books? Perhaps you branded all your textbooks in fruit scented felt tip markers?

Inspired by the era of the Diet Coke Break, Ring Pops and Guess Who!, this year’s conference will explore the theme "Made to Measure: Crafting Experiences, Shaping Identities and Personalisation." In 2019 personalised marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods that businesses are using to promote themselves online, and it can drive real interest, conversion and revenue.

Join us for a two-day agenda of insightful workshops and presentations by international industry experts as we take a deep-dive into new data-powered marketing strategies and how to use personalisation to create a real identity that consumers can trust.

The full speaker line-up and agenda is now available.

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Welcome | 19th September | CIMPA Conference 2019 Workshop Day

Welcome to the 2019 CIMPA Conference workshop day! During our workshop day participants are offering in-depth training sessions lasting 1-2 hours with industry experts as well as the chance to network.

Partnership Marketing 101: How to Build Your Partnership Marketing Strategy

Daniel Rodic | Co-Founder & CEO | Exact Media

This workshop will give you the tools you need to create your very own partnership media strategy and leverage offline and online media to your advantage. Daniel Rodic was names Top 30 under 30 by Forbes Magazine and EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist in 2016. He also represented his country at the G20 Entrepreneurs Summit in Moscow and Beijing.
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Creativity In a Time of Personalization — Should Our Work Stay Impersonal

Bobby Hershfield | Chief Creative Officer | The Via Agency

Personalization is important from a media perspective but how does it affect the way we approach creativity? In this workshop explore how you can stand out in a time when standing out can be risky to brand and to self. We'll take a look at big data, how to personalize online journeys, rethinking markets to drive brand value, and more.
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Morgan MacLeod | Co-Owner & Marketing Strategist | Cubicle Fugitive

Empowered consumers are dictating what they want, how they want it, when they want it, and where they expect to receive it. Moving from an era of mass production to mass customization is challenging brands to become strategic and creative in their messaging and approach to marketing. The number of choices to consumers is overwhelming and personalization helps us make choices in an abyss of options. This workshop will explore building brand equity in a micro-brand environment.
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The 2019 Cayman Media Consumption Survey: Data to help personalize your approach

Mahreen Nabi | Head of Training | CIMPA

Join us for a deep dive into the results of our 2019 media survey in Cayman and a chat on what they might mean for your business' media spend and 2020 planning.

Welcome | 20th September | CIMPA Conference 2019 Sessions

Welcome to CIMPA Conference 2019! Join CIMPA's Chair, Cat Healy, for welcoming remarks to the 2019 CIMPA Conference centred around personalization.
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What we can learn from The Rock (and The Coca-Cola Company) about optimizing content through personalization?

Alex Ames | Director of Content & Creative Excellence | The Coca-Cola Company

In the modern, cluttered media landscape, what are some lessons we learn from The Rock (and Coca-Cola) about creating content to give you your best shot to create content that spreads beyond a paid media buy?
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The Power of Partnership Marketing: How Netflix, Marvel, and other brands have leveraged partnerships and personalization to grow their businesses

Daniel Rodic | Co-Founder & CEO | Exact Media

Looking at the examples of Netflix and Marvel, participants will get exposure to examples of how brands have leveraged marketing partnerships with complementary brands and companies to drive mutual growth for their businesses. Walk away from this session with a framework of how to think about building a personalization focused partnership marketing strategy.
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Making Your Brand Impossible to Ignore

Shobha Sairam | Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer | The community

In a culture where identity is getting increasingly hyphenated, brands need to stay as fluid as their audience if they hope to connect on a more meaningful, and more personal level. It's when they embrace and move with the shifting culture that they become brands that are impossible to ignore. Having worked with Chicos, Wall Street Journal and The Whitney, Shobha now works across the agency's roster on brands such as Corona Extra, Domino’s Pizza, BMW and Verizon, connecting businesses to people on a personal and meaningful level.
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The Perils and Rewards of Nation Branding — a conversation with industry leaders in Cayman

Jeff Swystun | Agency Lead | Swystun Communications | Mike Ridley | Global Director of BD | The community | Mrs Rosa Harris | Director of Tourism | Dept of Tourism | Paul Byles | Director of FTS | FTS Cayman Islands | Kaitlyn Elphinstone | VP Marketing & Public Engagement | CEC

Just how do you brand a country? Whether it be for economic development, trade or tourism, this is no easy task.
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Turning Passion Into Purpose — how to create, market and scale a mission driven business

Indie Lee | Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Indie Lee

CEO and Founder Indie Lee went from CPA to entrepreneur after a life altering (and threatening) experience. With a second chance at life, she took her personal journey and turned it into a multi-million dollar business. Join Indie Lee to explore this remarkable journey and discover how to create, market and scale a mission driven business.
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Morgan MacLeod | Co-Owner & Marketing Strategist | Cubicle Fugitive

With rapidly changing technologies and the market’s demand for a more personalized and relevant online journey, companies need to implement strategic changes to their digital platforms to meet ever-evolving client expectations and deliver the right information to the right visitor at the right time. Client experience optimization – the art of providing users with a frictionless, intuitive, efficient and customized journey – should be at the core of every website strategy. This presentation will get you up-to-speed on the technology and provide information on where to start and how to develop meaningful client experiences online.
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A World Without Borders

Checha Agost Carreño | CEO & CCO | Ogilvy Mexico & Miami | Tanya De Poli | General Manager | Ogilvy Miami

An inside look at one of the most controversial/awarded campaigns in the history of Ogilvy. How we convinced a client to go against the most polarizing President the US has seen to date. A completely data driven idea, that had personalization at its core.
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