Elizabeth Charles

Armed with a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Fine Arts from NYU, a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University, and Think Bigger innovation methodology training from Columbia University, Elizabeth is equipped to bring a unique and comprehensive perspective to this conversation. 

Her dynamic delivery draws from her near 20 years in media as a creative, employing her skills in radio, film, television, and other formats, to the tune of 20 million views,190 thousand listeners. 

She has spoken at prestigious affairs and institutions, including the MBA World Summit and the CUC Women in Energy Summit, in addition to events hosted by Harvard and Chapman University. 

Elizabeth splits her time between New York and the Cayman Islands, living with her fluffy Bernedoodle. A self-proclaimed neuroscience and social economics nerd, curious to her core, Elizabeth’s love for learning keeps her creative thinking and insights fresh.

Title: Tales of Transformation

Mastering Storytelling to Elevate Your Business and Ignite Innovation

You can’t create change until you are willing to rebel against the predictable.