Key Takeaways for Better Public Speaking

Public speaking is something that intimidates almost anyone. Even the pros need to practice, take deep breaths, and fight off the nerves before hitting the stage.

Last week we had the pleasure of having Danielle Young and Melissa Wolfe from Full Moon Communications join us for a public speaking workshop. Participants were able to learn some great public speaking tips as well as practice speaking in front of a group of (friendly) strangers.

If you find this intimidating, you’re not alone. Photo by david laws on Unsplash

While I won’t give away all of Danielle & Melissa’s public speaking tips, here are some of the key takeaways that you can use next time you’re presenting:

  1. Prepare & Practice. Every time.
  2. Nerves Are Good and having that adrenaline spike is actually going to help you do better.
  3. Find Your Power Stance and return to it whenever you find your posture falling out of line.
  4. Don’t Turn Your Back on the Audience. Once you do, you lose their attention.
  5. Take Your Audience on a Journey; create a story that they’ll want to come along with you for.
  6. Visual > Audio. If someone is reading, they’re not listening. Use only limited words in your slides to keep people’s attention on what you’re saying.
  7. Breathe.

Some of the most valuable lessons of the evening came from the discussion that followed the event. Danielle Young and Melissa Wolfe stayed for a lengthy Q&A to cover topics such as: how to engage teenagers during a presentation, what’s holding business development professionals back, and lots of great information on how much content you should have in your slides during a PowerPoint presentation.

If you’d like to book a private one-on-one public speaking session with Full Moon Communications, you can email Danielle at danielleyoung @

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