Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is the Managing Director and Co-founder of Blueprint Creative, the world’s first ‘Bhranding”, communications and design agency. Ron is also the creator of The Bhranding Equation (Branding + HR = Bhranding), a business framework designed to help companies tear down the silos between their branding and HR teams and replace those silos with powerful organizational synergies. Ron has recently published his first book calledTighten Your Shoelaces: How The World’s Leading Companies Defend and Grow Their Brands During a Crisis. Ron has coached business professionals in The USA, Asia, Mexico, Barbados, The Cayman Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Grenada, Curaçao and The US Virgin Islands. Under Ron’s leadership, BlueprintCreative has won several awards (including two “Best of Print” awards) at the Caribbean leg of the American Advertising Awards (AAA), and three Barbados’ Best Employers Awards for its highly engaged company culture and HR practices.